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I believe that God forgives pe

             I believe that God forgives people who have rebelled against him their entire life because God, will forgive anyone for anything they have done so that the people could learn from their mistakes and do better next time. He is willing to forgive people who realized that their sin was bad and want to repent. It's never too late for a sinner or an evil human being to seek forgiveness from God and the people who he has committed sins against. In most cases, it is very unlikely that everyone will forgive him on earth. However it is guaranteed that if a person is truly sorry for his wrong, God will forgive him. .
             In Luke 23:39-43, when Jesus was hanging from the cross with two other criminals, both of them ask Jesus a question. One asked him if he was really the Messiah, and if he was, that he should have power to save him and the two criminals. The other criminal.
             asked "Remember me, Jesus, when you come as king", then Jesus responded "I promise you that today you will be in Paradise with me". Jesus said that knowing that God will forgive the both of them for their crimes. God loves us all and doesn't promote hatred. An example is like when some of the criminals go to the confessional, after they have committed a crime, to ask God for forgiveness for the criminal act they have committed. I believe that God forgives the people who have rebelled against them all their lives because he would want them to change their ways if they were sorry for their actions that they have committed. .
             When we are burdened by sin, that sin is an obstacle to our relationship with God. It can be either an insurmountable obstacle or a challenge to our ingenuity and resourcefulness. I think God merciful, that he might forgive Osama Bin Laden for his.
             evil deeds he had planned for us, but only if he feels sorry for what he did and will do good, not evil anymore. "God is merciful".

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