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dunno macho

             The rain poured outside; I stood by the window watching, as small drops of water slowly trickle on the windowsill, and gently fell on the ground only to be dissolved away with the rest of the rain. I followed my mother since morning thinking of a way to make my sly plan work. The perfect opportunity came when my mother was dressing her hair. I knew I had to flatter my mother for the plan to work. "Mama your tortoiseshell combs would look beautiful with this gown" I said with honey-dipped lips. She stopped brushing her hair looked at me through the mirror and smiled "You are right darling" she said getting up. My heart started jumping around like a wild horse as she reached her cupboard in the great hall. I stood their trying really hard not to smile as to give away any clues, as my mother frantically searched the cupboard, in her frustration she threw her yellow mantel on the chair. All the while I stood there calmly with my big innocent eyes and asked "What is the matter Mama?" "I can't seem to find my combs, have you seen them?" she asked with a sharp tone in her voice. I looked at her solemnly and obediently shook my head. Without another word, she crossed the great hall and walked straight to the kitchen. I could no longer hold back my smiles as I followed her. Knowing that low life maid will now know whom she has meddled with I thought, as my grin grew wider.
             Mother stopped at the doorway separating the washing and the cooking kitchens and accusingly asked "One of my combs is missing. Has either of you seen it?" she looked directly at her. "No madam" Tanneke replied solemnly. I slipped by my mother's side just as she echoed "No madam." She was just in time to see me give her a mischievous smile. She knew; I was glad my plan was working just as I had planed. "Someone must know were it is" said mother getting irritated.".
             "Shall I help you search the cupboard again?" Tanneke asked uneasily "Or shall we look somewhere else?" she added purposely.

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