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the distressed questioner

             Have you ever wondered if you could have the ability to ask any question ever asked at nights when the whole world is asleep? We hope and wish to get a simple "A" on a test or to get accepted into a college of our choice. But when we do acquire these things we never look back even once at the challenges we had to face to get such great moments. Something similar to this happened to an unfortunate friend of mine.
             Let me begin from the day it all started. Transport yourself to a little town in India, where you can see cows roving in broad daylight on the streets. Desperate and penniless folks wandering here and there claiming it their own land. Scattered all over the place are inexpensive stores below middle-class houses. In one of the houses, above a mattress store, I lived with my respected grandma. She would ornament our house exquisitely and elaborately, as we were classified as an upper middle class family. Whenever my grandma adored me with bows and braids, my friend would always come barging through my dwelling. She would normally ask something about everything. She would ask, "When will you be over?" or "Whom are you guys talking about?" or she would ask how this and that works, or why we should do this, and she would go on and on. That girl was like that, always being nosy about all. She was starting to become a little obnoxious and vexatious. Ever since we started school, that damsel would come to my house everyday to go to school with me. Our school was within walking distance to my shelter. So everyday from my house, we would set off gaily skipping hand in hand. .
             One day when we were walking back from school, my peer invited me over to her father's bookstore, where he sells old books from far away lands. I lurk around there a lot, so I can usually borrow fascinating books for free. On the way there, I dropped by my house to tell my grandma and leave my book bag. When we were walking to the store, my companion constantly kept on asking questions until she was on my last nerve, and I finally yelled, "That is enough!" We walked solemnly the rest of the way.

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