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Battle of shiloh

            ColorSet-1ColorPos-1StyleSet-1StylePos-1Battle of Shiloh.
             The Battle of Shiloh was one of bloodiest battles of the Civil War. In fact, it.
             was one of the bloodiest battles fought on Tennessee soil. The battle was.
             actually fought in Pittsburgh Landing, Tennessee. The battle was named after.
             a church in the area where the wounded and dead were taken. Before the.
             Battle of Shiloh was fought, a lot of important things happened which made the.
             battle very important. .
             The Confederates had just sustained very hard losses at Forts Henry and.
             Donelson. After these losses, General Joseph Johnston was placed in charge.
             of the remaining forces. General Johnston set his headquarters in Jackson,.
             Tennessee, and started forming the Army of Mississippi. When General Grant.
             started landing at Shiloh, General Albert Johnston left Nashville to take.
             command of the newly formed Army of Mississippi, which totaled 40,000 men. .
             The Union, who had come off some major victories, was not aware of the.
             Army of Mississippi. General Grant was moving into Tennessee with 45,000.
             men and was going to get 25,000 more from General Buell who was coming.
             from Columbia. They were delayed because of bad weather. In the gray light.
             of dawn, April 6, 1862, a small Federal reconnaissance discovered Johnston's.
             army deployed for battle astride the Corinth road just a mile beyond the forward.
             Federal camps. .
             Meanwhile at the Union camp at Shiloh, the Federal troops spent a day.
             drilling and merry-making. Hundreds went for a swim in Owl Creek and others.
             rested. There was also a good deal of diarrhea which the boys labeled the.
             "Tennessee quick step". Storming forward, the Confederates found the.
             Federal position unfortified. Johnston had achieved almost total surprise. .
             Once the attack started, there was mass confusion on both sides. Most of the.
             boys had never been in battle before, and did not know their orders and it was.
             described as "a murderous fist fight.

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