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Frederick Douglass, Invisible Man and Bicentenial man

            Starting on a journey of any sort requires a final goal and steps to get there. In all three stories the main character was on a journey to change or better himself. Frederick Douglass" goal was to become a free man. The Bicentennial man's goal was to be accepted for who he was in society and the Invisible Man's goal was to find himself in the world. Each character had a similar journey to reach his goal but different ways to reach it. It is like that saying, "There is more then one way to skin a cat." .
             In the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, Douglass" goal was to become free from slavery. He embarked on his journey with three tasks to complete. These tasks were to find others with his ideas, to tell other people about his ideas and to go through changes in himself. The one thing that Douglass needed to complete these tasks was an education. He needed to be educated in academics but also in the ways of the world. Being educated in academics allowed Douglass to express his ideas to others and read these of others. Social education allowed Douglass the ability to change himself. He learned how he was viewed in society and this helped him understand a way to change others ideas about slavery. An example of a change in himself would be when he stood up to his owner when he was going to be beat. Because he stood up to his owner he gained confidence in himself. The more Douglass changed, the freer from the concept of slavery he was.
             To be recognized as human was Andrew Martin's goal in the movie Bicentennial Man. He also had three tasks to complete. Martin's tasks were to accept that he was different, to learn about himself and to change whom he was. As Douglass did marten needed education. His education was also academic and social. His academic education consisted of how the human body worked and other crafts. Crafts helped him express himself emotionally and mentally. The biological education allowed marten to change himself physically.

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