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Grapes of Wrath Structure

             The structure of the Grapes of Wrath is unique in that it alternates between specific narrative chapters about the Joad family and general intercalary chapters about the migrant workers as a whole. .
             In the narrative chapters, Steinbeck tries to keep his style simple, helping the readers grasp the basic elements of the story. He uses a dialect in the characters" speech to add to the realistic nature of the story, and he uses a primarily Objective Point of View. This means that he portrays interactions and conversations as viewed by an observer, without focusing on any particular characters or representing their thoughts or motivations.
             In the intercalary chapters, Steinbeck often varies his style. In some chapters, like Chapter 3, the anonymous narrator uses symbolism to provide the readers with an idea about the migrant workers. .
             In chapter 3, a turtle struggles to travel across a highway, being nearly squashed twice by passing motorists and flung off the road by a driver who attempted to squash it. The turtle symbolizes the migrant workers migrating to the west, and the two drivers, an ignorant driver and an evil murderous driver, symbolize those who are destroying the lives of the migrant workers. The ignorant driver represents those who kill the workers not knowingly, such as plantation owners, who jack up prices and cut wages, and land owners who evict the families, unaware of what they will have to go through to survive. The murderous driver represents those who are out to specifically hurt the workers, such as the police officers, who keep the workers from staying together and organizing, and the people who charge ridiculously high prices for goods and services. .
             In other intercalary chapters, the narrator describes events broadly, describing the general experience of the migrant workers. In these, the narrator often takes the voice of a typical man, such as a corrupt car salesman, expressing the person's individual concerns.

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