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wht it means to be a good cite

            Being a good citizen is not developed through mere participation in sports. Citizenship is, at its core, social responsibility. It means doing your part for the common good, making your community and its institutions work well, serving the community, and obeying the laws. Citizenship through athletic participation occurs both on and off the playing surface, both in and out of season. Developing good citizen-athletes involves defining and developing the relationship from athlete to athlete, from athlete to team, and from athlete to community. Connecting athletes to the community should be an important part of any athletic program. A coach may remind the athletes that the community supports them through taxes and through attendance at events, and that they have an obligation to give back to the community in some way. The community is part of their team, and it's role should not go unacknowledged.
             Questions for discussion with student athletes: (If you are using the video, ask these questions after viewing. If you are not using the video, skip questions 1 and 5.).
             1. How did David Levitt's story make you feel? What did you learn from it? Is it realistic to think that the average teenager could make such an impact, or is David just a special case? (If you are not using the video, skip this question.).
             2. Do you think you are a good citizen? Explain.
             3. What is a good citizen?.
             4. Think of yourself as a coach. What would be the benefits of having a team full of athletes who demonstrate good citizenship:.
             - for the team as a whole?.
             - for the team's reputation?.
             - for athlete-to-athlete relations?.
             - for athlete-to-coach relations?.
             - for a winning season?.
             - for possible scholarships to universities?.
             - for team attitude?.
             - for locker room morale?.
             5. Name something you personally could relate to in this video program and tell why. (If you are not using the video, skip this question.).
             6. How do we want the community to view us as a team?.

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