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Searching for a Path

             As far back as I can remember I've always been in search of something. To this day I am still not sure of what that something is. Maybe it's my calling or purpose in life, an answer to a lifelong question, or maybe just a path that I haven't found yet. I think almost everyone searches for the same thing, but as I grow older I see my friends discovering their lives and I feel as though there is something that I am missing.
             When we are kids we are all asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Most kids are quick to answer, "I want to be a fireman!" or "I want to be a doctor!" I was one of the few that said "I don't know." I found that I had talents in lots of things but no one thing defined the rest of my life. While in my seemingly endless search for my path I seem to grow closer to an answer when I see others find their paths.
             One particularly inspiring instance of this is in the movie Good Will Hunting, which is about a young janitor named Will, who has an enormous talent but shows no need or regard for a path in life that would use this talent to its fullest. In a way, I feel the same way Will does except that I would like more direction and I would like to find my path. Will feels that working hard for a living is noble even though he has the talent to, metaphorically speaking, "move mountains" with little or no effort. A talent like Will's would go to waste being used by a janitor so people try to help Will discover a path that will show him where his talent could take him. Like me, Will probably just needs to be shown what paths lie ahead of him before he makes what he feels is the right choice.
             To me, this is a great movie because I can relate to the main character. Any great movie is when I can relate to a character in a movie. When that happens, I become more interested in the movie and the movie, in turn, affects my life in some way. For example, just as Will needed guidance from the psychologist from South Boston, I find guidance through the people that influence me.

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