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about Perth, Australia

             Perth is the most isolated metropolis in the world, placed in the western-most corner of Australia, being surrounded by deserts, the so-called "outback-, and the whole Indian Ocean. It's a place where the sun almost always shines, on both great sand beaches as well as tall skyscrapers. Perth and its surroundings are also full of green areas, a wholly of 1300 square kilometres consist of parks, nature reserves and tree filled streets.
             This essay will discuss Perth and its history, climate, industry, tourist information and facts about Australian city Perth. .
             Before the British colonisation, parts of the original aboriginal Nyoongar tribe occupied the areas in, and around Perth. Up to 40 000 years old traces has been found of the Nyoongar, and their ancestors. In December 1696, the Dutch ships Nijptangh, Geelvinck and Het Weseltje commanded by Captain Willem De Valmingh anchored near Rottnest Island. Rottnest Island lies in visual range of Perth, and is a popular visit for tourists. On the fifth of January 1697, an well-armed recognisance party landed on the Cottesloe Beach. They later marched towards the Swan River, near the Freshwater bay. They tried to initiate contact with the Nyoongar, trying to learn anything about the capsized, Dutch ship Ridderschap van Hollant, but acquired no new information. Before he left, he named the river witch they discovered to the Swan River, because of the black swans he discovered in its water. .
             Perth was founded the twelfth of August 1829, by Captain James Stirling, as the Swan River settlement. Stirling's original objective was actually to assure the British government that no French colonists had occupied the western part of Australia. The place where the city was to be founded was chosen from its beauty. It was founded by free colonists, compared to the large numbers of convicts sent from Britain. It grew very slowly until 1850, when British convicts arrived to shorten the labour shortage.

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