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Dissapearance of Childhood

             I have recently read the article Is Childhood Disappearing from Contemporary Society? The article discusses the idea that childhood and adulthood are merging into one, and our children no longer experience the luxuries associated with a carefree childhood. Childhood is supposed to be a stage in life that is separate from adulthood, and has only been recently discovered. Few people in Western civilization understood the concept of childhood. It was believed that children differed from adults only in size, experience and abilities. Childhood, once again is becoming less, and less understood.
             At the end of the article we are left with a variety of perplexing questions. The author first asks us whether childhood is really disappearing. Childhood is a stage, a stage we all go through, a stage that must be passed and completed before we move on to the next one. I n other words we cannot reach adult world before soaring through child world.
             The author brings up the idea that children are not dressing so much like children anymore; they are wearing miniature versions of adult clothes and wearing make-up. These factors are all materialistic, they do not truly describe what the child is really going through inside. Childhood goes deeper then the clothes we wear, it is about the way a child thinks, feels and acts. Although children are dressing like adults, and wearing make-up just like the older people around them does not mean that their childhood is disappearing. Children have a fascination with the adult world; everyone wants to be something they are not, yet it does not necessarily mean that they are. By the time childhood ends, most people have become mature and ready for independence. These children are not yet mature, they are just exploring and playing pretend, pretending to be something they are not. .
             Another argument brought up in the article was the idea that media is corrupting are children's innocent minds, and this does not help the cause.

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