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Written Materials are Banned

             Today marks the anniversary of the alien invasion that conquered the earth one hundred years ago. When the aliens came and brainwashed us, they destroyed all of our written materials, including textbooks, bibles, magazines, newspapers, and others. The aliens also destroyed our computers and built new ones without keyboards. Instead of writing, we communicate primarily through speech, pictures, and symbols. We must use pictures to communicate in situations where we are not using our verbal capabilities. Media has been adapted for different purposes than it used to be, for instance the Internet is no longer a place for advertising, but a medium through which art and musical expression are shared with others around the world. There is little, if any advertising on the Internet, radio and television. Pictographic writing is a popular form of expression, and comicstrip-like works are posted on websites, and in publications although without writing and sometimes with the benefit of a sound recording.
             Schools, religious institutions, and businesses are extremely affected by the adjustment from having written materials to having none. Schools must rely on other methods for teaching. The oral tradition, which was used in the days before people were literate, is now essential to the continuation of knowledge to our children. Whatever is not completely impossible to teach without written materials is taught at the schools via methods such as repetition and pictoral aids. For example, history (what is remembered of it), math, and music. Spelling is obsolete, because there is nothing to spell. Music is especially important to us, because it is extremely helpful when memorizing lessons. Certain songs in particular are designed to help people, both young and old, learn and remember things for lengthy periods of time. Songs can teach anything from tying shoes to remembering to look both ways before crossing the street.

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