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Africa's Hope for the Future,

            What impact do non-government organizations (NGOs) have on the health and well being of African children? In Africa there are many children who are unhealthy, hungry and uneducated. Some causes for this situation range from their parents dying because of AIDS or war, lack of money, lack of resources, and above all, lack of support from the African government. It is the NGOs that can step in and work where the government is unable. Non-government organizations that come from all over the world are created to help the suffering people of Africa (and other countries in need of help). Some of those organizations include HACI (Hope for African Children Initiative), UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Fund), and among many more, Africa's Promise, who are all dedicated and committed to helping Africa's children. The work of NGOs causes both positive effects, which prolong the lives of the children, and negative effects which may hinder the advancement of the childrens' self worth.
             In Africa children are starving and homeless. The reason for this is that many of the childrens' parents have died from AIDS or wars. While one would assume that the children could be taken care of by families, most of the relatives have died as well. Considering family members are not a likely help for children, government programs would be thought to help them, unfortunately it doesn't happen, but non-government organizations have stepped up to the plate. Non-government organizations attempt to create an environment for the children that increase their education, both of "book- knowledge, such as reading and writing, and "world- knowledge, such as birth control, AIDS prevention. Many organizations have been around for years and have helped hundreds of children. One of the most widely known organizations, UNICEF, was created in 1953 to help post-war child victims in developing countries. Their focus is to encourage countries to educate girls in addition to boys, and they also attempt to create dignity and security in childrens' lives (www.

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