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Lady Macbeth

             Age- probably mid-thirties; very energetic, smart and quick thinker; talented actress (imitation of fainting in (II.II.); also she advises Macbeth "look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it."" (I.V.)) . Perhaps Lady MacBeth and MacBeth had had a child, I have given suck', but it probably died in young age.
             Body type: typical woman , but not with a typical mind. During Shakespearean times woman were thought to be less smarter and not equal to men. However, her husband, Macbeth, implies that she is a "masculine soul inhabiting a female body-. .
             Social Traits: .
             Lady Macbeth fulfills her role among the nobility and is well respected like Macbeth. She is nothing less than faithful in her godly role as wife and helper. She is found at home managing household chores, awaiting Macbeth's return from battle. She is his "partner in greatness," his "dearest chuck." She is all duty and skillful hospitalities, greeted as "our honored hostess " by King Duncan, who favors her home. Later, serving Macbeth, and having proper knowledge of "natural herbs and all things physick," she prepares a potion to ensure the chamberlains will sleep through Duncan's murder. After her husband forgets to leave the murder weapon at the scene, Lady Macbeth puts it back. She tidies up after the murder. She bids him wash his hands and change his bloody clothes. On hearing news of the night's murder, she answers as hostess: "What, in our house?" When Macbeth's motives are questioned, Lady Macbeth distracts the confused company. Maybe she actually faints. These are, after all, impossible burdens upon a "weaker vessel." But whether she faints, or fakes it to protect Macbeth, she provides a good example of a wife, obedient to the parameters of her gender. Macbeth and his wife have a very loving relationship in which they have great influence in one and other. In the earlier acts of the play we can see that Lady Macbeth's words mean a lot to her husband, giving the impression that she is definitely the dominant figure in the relationship.

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