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Advantages of Animal Testing in Medical Research

            â€œShould humans dominate the animal world and use animals as they deem appropriate? Or do animals, which cannot speak or defend themselves against humans, have a fundamental right no live out their lives without human interference” (“Animal”). This question has been asked over and over again for the past few decades. Medical research involving animals has done much to promote the health of the human race. Were it not for animal testing, the cure for Polio would not exist and Diabetics would suffer and die from their disease (Masci). Animals should be used to test new medical techniques and drugs because it allows life saving ideas to be developed, it is safe, animals can be bred easily, and it will save human lives. .
             One of the first and foremost advantages of animals testing is that it allows scientists to test create and test new drugs. In a poll conducted by ICR Survey Research, out of 1,004 people, sixty-two percent said that they think it is okay to use animals to test medical treatments (Masci). Certain animals, such as monkeys or pigs, posses physical processes very similar to humans and that fact allows scientists to test the effects of certain drugs (Masci). If a drug produces adverse effects in animals it can be deemed unfit for human use, therefore reducing human suffering and/or casualties.
             Another advantage of animal medical testing is that it is safe. A plethora of new drugs and medical techniques are tested on animal subjects. This is because it is not prudent that a human be subjected to a new and potentially deadly treatment. When a new drug is introduced it undergoes animal testing to reduce dangerous side effects. “Human Genome Sciences officials said animal testing of Albuleukin suggests it lasts longer, causes fewer side effects and could potentially treat a broader range of cancers than the original for of interleukin-2” (Chea).

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