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Paper on Fury

            The death of the three girls in the book Fury greatly shows Rushdies point that social status cannot protect people from the harsh realities of the world. Social status cannot protect one from lust or a need to belong. It cannot protect one from the long to escape from the mundane in unsafe or un-understandable manners and it especially cannot protect one from the brutality of the world. This is evident throughout the book, but it is especially brought out with the death of the three socialite girls.
             Lust is one of the most basic primal needs of human beings. It is one of the biggest drives for a human being. One does not escape this by having a high social status. This instinct does not recognize ones beauty , amount of money, or power. These elite woman saw what they had and chose to acknowledge their lust, "They were nobody's dolls, but their own women, playing with their own appearance, their own sexuality, their own stories (Fury Pg,74). They knew that they could express their sexuality so they did. For example, Sky, who was at nineteen already an accomplished linguist, pianist, expert horsewoman, and archer with hopes of the Olympics, in addition to many talents was courting a brute of a man in the S&M club," Saskia's (Sky's) handsome beau, the polo player Bradley Marsalis III , of whom all readers knew at least this: that his teammates called him Horse, in honor of the way he was hung,( Fury Pg, 72)" Despite the disgustingly crudeness of this man she still chose him for her "beau. She could have had many men, but she went with a ruffian in a secret club designed to get guys laid. This did not bother her though because he could fulfill her sexual desires. These girls knew what they had and with that they got away with there lustful actions. .
             Boredom, it is something that everybody dreads, regardless of ones rank. Even these girls who had everything could not escape this, "They could be businesswomen and flirts, profound and superficial, serious and light, and they would make those decisions for themselves.

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