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            In the story "Cinderella: A Story of Sibling Rivalry and Oedipal Conflicts" is about a conqueror winning out over her siblings that always mistreated her. A child may feels inferior to his or her siblings because they do not have the love from their parents that their siblings have. They will feel unloved, not cared for, and weak. Many different sources in the German language of being forced to stay among the ashes became a symbol for many various things, but also for sibling rivalry. Martin Luther in his Table Talks, talks about Cain as the "God-forsaken evildoer," and a powerful man, while Abel was "forced to be his ash-brother," which was nothing (Bettelheim 569). The fairy tale gives many people memories of their sibling rivalry when they were young. It lets everyone know how bad sibling rivalry can get. It tells how the positive side of the circumstances can be, as well as the negative side of having a sibling in your home. Sometimes having a sibling can consequence in always being close with someone. Sibling rivalry mainly affects a child's feelings. The emotions in the person subject to sibling rivalry are sometimes very different from those of his or her brothers and sister. "Cinderella" speaks about sibling rivalry in its remotest form, it talks about the jealousy of the stepsister, and how it could ruin a person's happiness (Bettelheim). A child is very sensitive and fragile. A person has to be really respectful and understanding towards them. However, if the parent does not do a good job parenting and treating all the children the same, sibling rivalry could break up a family. Bettleheim believes that children impulsively know that Cinderella earned her visits from the fairy godmother because of her power of character. This will cause another problem with Cinderella as a role model: children may believe that they too are of higher character than their idol. .

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