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Eli Lilly Financial Analyst

             For my future career I would like to use my finance major in order to become a Financial Planning and Reporting Business Analyst. I would like to work for a company such as Eli Lilly. I have always seen myself as part of an industry leader and a large organization and Lilly would fulfill this. .
             As an analyst my job responsibilities would include: working in an open team environment, actively communicate with team and business partners, being accountable, and enable fact-based rapid decision making. As an analyst for Lilly I would also be responsible for learning and implementing SAP R/3 software. This is Lilly's new financial software. Having this position would be appealing to me because of the challenge and opportunity of learning new financial tools to better myself and knowledge as well as advance the company. Being that this is a new process I would also be responsible for testing phases and identifying risks that go along with the program. Lilly is a strong company with top-level employee benefit programs. There is also room for promotion within the organization. Eventually, as I gain more experience I would like to have a position as a Chief Financial Officer with a company such as Lilly. Working for this company would be a stepping stone in my career to lead to bigger and better things either within Lilly or with another competitive outside organization.
             According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook the nature of work for a financial analyst involves multiple aspects. Financial analysts provide investment and guidance to businesses and individuals to help them with their investment decisions. For my future career I would want to stay in the business specter of this working for a large firm. During this process they gather financial information, analyze it, and make a recommendation. They also assess the economic performance of companies and industries for firms and institutions with money to invest.

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