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Corporations: economic growth

            Since the age of the industrial revolution, technology has played a vital role in changing the world's economy. A major shift has occurred from the agriculture industry to the economic industry. Today, the world exists through continual business transactions between countries. The economy of a country is therefore the first priority for any government. However it is the corporations of a country that allow for the economic growth or decline for the country. Consumers should therefore be concerned about the conditions under which these corporations manufacture their products because the products are a promotion of the ethics a company has. By purchasing the products, the consumers are also encouraging the ethics that come with it and are indirectly stating how they themselves would conduct future business affairs.
             The main issue raised here is why consumers should be concerned about these social or political conditions. It is accurate that each country has its own business ethics and method of managing affairs. However beyond these codes of business lies an underlying theme common to all countries regardless of economic status; the basic human rights of any person. Different cultures connect and communicate through their similar values such as the right to life, the freedom of choice and the right to live a life to its fullest potential. Although these rights might differ slightly in definition from person to person, all agree that life is to be valued regardless of the form. This right could take the form of quality of life or quantity of life. For this reason organizations such as the Red Cross are formed. This opportunity provides people with the basic human rights that they are entitled to but have not had the chance to experience. For example, many people are experiencing famine and poverty in Cambodia. The Red Cross offers food and medicine to them in the aim of extending the rights that should be available to them but were deprived of.

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