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I know Why The Caged Bird Sing

            Assignment 1: Response to the first part of "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings".
             I think that the title suggests a lot of things because, if you have a bird at home, which was just caught and put in a cage, it would really make noises, and therefore, I would say that this title suggests that Maya Angelou is constrained to something and is not free, either physically or emotionally. I mentioned Maya Angelou because as she is the author of this autobiography, this makes me presume that she will be the one caged up.
             Reading the first part of the books, I can say that it is linked because form the first part we can see that she as not as free as us children now, she is confined it Stamps because when eventually she does leave, the most horrible things happen to her.
             Information about the Author.
             I think the author is famous for her way of thinking towards racism, her way of thinking as I can see is to abolish racism but on the contrary I think she want to take revenge on the white people, it looks like she is also racist. However, this is rational because as we see how the three girls who were mimicking and mocking "Momma" this made Maya really frustrated so we know why she feels the way she feels.
             I think she chose to write a memoir because of the bad memories she had and could not tell anyone, as we already found out that she was silent for quite a while. Therefore, she probably decided to write it so that she is relived with the bad memories that she carried with herself. .
             Impressions of the Narrator.
             The narrator present herself as if she is lost, she does not know what to do, this shown by her as a small child being abandoned by their porter and only had a note on them saying "To Whom it may concern" this tells us that she did not mean that much to her mother because normally you do not see kids walking around with a note on them saying to whom it may concern, the mother did not even write the name down.

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