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mesopotamia vs Egypt

            Civilization is defined as a relatively high level of cultural and technological development; the stage of cultural development at which writing and keeping written records is attained. By using this definition, one can compare and contrast the many different traits that the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations had. Most of their characteristics, beliefs, and general attitudes toward life are believed to have been the by product of the conditions under which both great civilizations developed. Therefore, before one can compare and contrast these intricate civilizations it is important to analyze the geography and climate of both regions.
             Mesopotamia (the land between the rivers) is located approximately where modern day Iraq is found. It was located between the river Tigris and the river Euphrates in one of the most harsh and uninviting environments imaginable. This was mainly due to the regions high temptratures (110 F) and sandy infertile soil. The two rivers that surrounded ancient Mesopotamia were also well known for their violent flash floods, and ,in the case of River Tigris, arbitrarily changing coarse without any particular warning. It is quit clear that this region had a constantly changing landscape that was very bleak and intimidating. Despite everything, this was the location of the first true city of the ancient world. .
             Ancient Egypt basically developed around the River Nile in Africa. The Egyptians environment and climate was not as peculiar and haphazard as the Mesopotamians. Their environment hardly changed and their seasonal climate was as predictable as day. The land of ancient Egypt was constantly nourished by the timely floods of the Nile River, which providing the surrounding land with an abundant plant life and ideal conditions for farming. Most of the Egyptian's beliefs and general lifestyles stem from the simple fact that their civilization is built around the longest river in the world on the most fertile agricultural land in the entire Mediterranean.

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