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RC airplanes

             Radio controlled airplanes can be a fun hobby for someone who likes tinkering with stuff. A model airplane is truly never finished. There is always something that needs messing with. It is not that hard for someone to get into this hobby, especially if they have any experience with RC cars. Flying RC airplanes can also be challenging but enjoyable. There are many flying clubs scattered across the country. There is even a worldwide organization called "Academy of Aeronautics-. (http://modelaircraft.org ) This organization is the backbone of all RC airplane activities in America. Radio controlled airplanes can be classified according to the type of engines that they use. Choosing what type of an airplane to build is an important decision that needs to be made early on. It is important for the beginning radio controlled airplane enthusiast to understand these different types engines before he buys his first model. .
             The first kind of airplane uses an electric motor. Theses airplanes are cool because electric motors are incredibly reliable. There is no possibility of the engine quitting while the airplane is flying. Electric motors also require very little maintenance. Another benefit to choosing an electric airplane is the cost. Electric motors can usually be purchased for less than $20 depending on the size and type of motor needed. Finally electric airplanes are a good choice because the motors are easy to hide. This makes the plane more realistic looking.
             There are some disadvantages to electric airplanes. First, electric airplanes are limited in size. One reason is because larger electric motors require more power. More power means the airplane must carry more batteries. Batteries are heavy and this limits the size of the airplane. They also must be charged, which takes time. Batteries can be expensive too. High-end batteries can easily cost up to $60 each. .
             The second kind of airplane is the jet.

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