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Harlem: True triumph and Success

             Langston Hughes" is one of my favorite writers who express humanity and triumph in his work. Hughes" writing is published throughout several English books of education. His pieces of literature hold truth as well as important lessons. Much of his work deals with black Americans and their fight for the dream of equality. For example "Harlem", a poem by Langston Hughes" expresses the deep feelings of black oppression and injustice. When Hughes" writes "Or crust and sugar over- like a syrupy sweet?"(42). there is not much understanding as to what is the point. One can better understand this poem by reading other works of Langston Hughes" and of other writers" of black literature. This poem illustrates the hope that black Americans are losing and how they are not advancing to reach the American dream. Hughes" as a black American knows the situations and injustices that his people must go through, just to be part of normal American society.
             Langston Hughes" poem "Harlem" written in 1951 is an interesting poem that attracted me because of its hidden meaning. It is a confusing, but detailed poem that outlines the true meaning of losing faith. The true definition of obstacles and succeeding are clearly addressed in this poem. The last couplet, set of lines, is the true heart of the poem "Or crust and sugar over- like a syrupy sweet?"(42). The reason for the last two lines is to express the turn over and triumph of inferiority. At the beginning of the poem Hughes" describes the possibilities of a dream shot down. Then in the end he turns the ending around to a positive tone so as to give hope to his readers. He let's his readers know that they should not give up their dream and they should try harder in order to be noticed. What I understood from reading the last lines are an explanation that sometimes what we have to do is just suck it up, and move on trying to do our best no matter what.

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