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Hitler's ascension

            Hitler's rise to power is paradigm that most likely will never be duplicated. A period of violence, tyranny, and legality, which confounds and combats preconceived concepts of Hitler's rise. The most revealing thing in all of Alan Bullock's work was the surprisingly strong support that Adolf Hitler received from the Germans. .
             The support that Hitler received was extraordinary both in the growth of the party through governmental representation and financially. I found that the ability of Adolf Hitler to garner funding from a variety of interest groups was astounding. The most notable being his winning the support of industrialists, which ended up being the money he needed to finally make a strong push for Chancellorship. There is no denying the violence that Hitler used in his entrance into politics however his skillful persuasion methods and ability at propaganda were invaluable for the growth of the Nazis.
             Timing and the fragile state of the German nation was another stunning realization that the reading provided. Bullock showed that Hitler's rise to prominence can be linked to the delicate psyche of the German people. The previous knowledge that I had on the German in the pre-World War II era prepared me for the information of the difficult times. However, the rate of inflation was astonishing and the absolute distaste and disgust the loss of the First World War produced were two key factors that I had before over-looked. .
             Alan Bullock's Hitler: A Study in Tyranny provided so many revealing facts about the state of Germany and Hitler's uncanny rise to lead the nation. But the most important facts that I had noticed was the fact that Hitler used legal methods (mostly) and was a master tactician at motivating a people behind a cause. To see Adolf Hitler gain so much support financially and have so much support as a candidate from an upstart political party with questionable intentions is absolutely remarkable.

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