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             PAGE NUMBERS USED: 235-236 Behavioral Research: Tools And Techniques.
             When conducting research sampling is a very important aspect due to it being the selection of a subset of cases from some population of interest. One of the reasons that sampling is important is that it is not likely that an investigator to be able to study all the people or cases in a given category. Another reason is that some sort of a selection process has to be carried out in an unbiased way so that it does not yield and sort of valid information. A sample is taken from the entire group of people or cases that involve direct interest to their investigation. The sample that was taken out of the population is used to make generalizations about the population from which it was drawn. There are many reasons that sampling is important. There is also a lot of ways to cause errors within the sample. When conducting research the tool of sampling is a very important.
             Is the size of the sample important?.
             PAGE NUMBERS USED: 240-241 Behavioral Research: Tools And Techniques.
             When conducting research the size of the sample is very important? The reason for this is the larger the sample the more reliable and representative the data is compared to a smaller sample. When deciding on sample size the researcher needs .
             Adamczyk 2.
             to consider both the statistical logic and the praticality. The size of the researchers sample should be specified in advance in order to avoid the accusation that data .
             collection was halted as soon as the results supported the hypothesis. There are a few things that should be considered in making the decision on the sample size. These factors include the size of the population. According to the book this means the larger the population the larger the sample size should be but that is false. In class discussion we learned different. We learned that a sample of a small universe can be small. The complete formula for projection actually takes account of the proportion the sample is of the total universe.

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