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            If you like films of the musical genre, I recommend the film Jesus Christ Superstar. It is the story of the life of Jesus Christ and takes place in the Middle East. The film uses many cinematic techniques effectively and is an entertaining movie.
             Jesus Christ Superstar makes use of a very unique style. The film takes place about 2000 years ago, however 1960's vehicles, tanks, and jets are used in the film. The director's use of colors and animals to show the personalities and roles of certain characters is also evident.
             The film uses mise-en-scene in a very interesting way as well. The actors do not use a noticeable amount of makeup as seen in most musicals and the film uses almost entirely natural lighting. The setting is dry desert with many large rock formations surrounding the area that the musical is filmed. All of the structures are either stone or wooden scaffolding, neither of which have roofs and generally no walls either. Some scenes are filmed in caves, however. The props and costumes are all low budget and simple, and their costume's colors have great significance.
             One of the most interesting aspects of the film is its outstanding use of editing. The director repeatedly dissolves the picture between characters and symbols or other characters. This method is employed in order to show the significance of certain characters throughout the film's duration.
             The Film effectively uses sound to present the story properly. The music in the film is all nondiegetic, however the actors sing to the same beat. The same music is employed near the close of the film as in the opening. The film is present in chronological order with the exception of images of Jesus" crucifixion that are presented in a series of quick flashes before his death actually occurs.
             Jesus Christ Superstar effectively uses many elements of cinema. It is a well directed movie that it serves its purpose successfully.

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