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White Castle

             March of 1921, a partnership was formed between Walter Anderson, a professional cook and Edgar Waldo Ingram, a local real estate and insurance agent. At the on set of this partnership, a new hamburger stand was opened under the name White Castle. The company was incorporated in the year 1924 as the "White Castle System of Eating Houses-. The company's name carried a specific meaning in the "White- signifies purity and cleanliness, while "Castle- stands for strength, and permanence, and stability, (http://www.ohio history.org).
             Edgar Ingram bought Walter Anderson's shares of the business in 1933 and became the sole owner of White Castle. White Castle began to grow at a steady pace and new locations were being added in the eastern parts of the United States. White castle grew and expanded so quickly with more than 100 restaurants in 1930. By 1934 the corporate headquarters was moved to a more centralized location in Columbus, Ohio (http://www.ohio history.org). .
             The employees played an enormous role in the success of this company, the employees adhered to the set of rules and guidelines set forth in the operations, preparation of food, and appearance. The employees were allowed to make suggestions and they were instrumental in developing a majority of the equipment used in the restaurants. .
             White Castle was good at marketing its products and creating ideas that included employee involvement with the potential customers. In 1932, the company lead the industry with the discount coupons on special orders and what a success this idea turned to be for the company it allowed for the hamburger to be introduced to a broader base of customers.
             Though White Castle was a driving force for success, the corporations marketing department kept record of events whether good or bad that involved the company, it's employees and subsidiary business. The fast food industry did take some hits around the time of World War II and had to close 30 of its restaurants because of meat being rationed out.

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