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current trends in sales

             An exploration of the aging boomer and how they will age differently from their.
             parents, creates a powerful new epicenter of marketing in America. This Internet.
             article analysis will address a significant sales management trend in the domestic.
             marketplace and its interrelationship with various external influences. Emphasis.
             will be placed on ethical virtues, cultural differences, economic changes, and.
             technological advances. Additionally, the importance of the sales force to its.
             marketing management within an organization, will be discussed. A conclusion.
             will be based on this researcher's collective findings.
             Current Trends Redefining Sales Management In The Domestic Marketplace.
             Of all the identifiable demographic groups to emerge in America since the turn of the century, none has had such a sustained effect on our social, political and economic institutions as the so-called "Baby Boom" generation (those born between the years of 1946 and 1964). "This post-WWII bulge in the birth rate, which is 75 million strong, has redefined life in the U.S. as it passes through each successive stage in its members' collective lives,"" (RAB, 2003).
             Executive Summary.
             Marketers must continue to reach the boomer generation as it moves into yet another phase of life in our youth-centric society. Boomers are a huge market and because of the group's size, their economic and personal choices have led to the creation of vast new business opportunities. How to market to this critically important group is vitally as important to the market mix. "Freed from the responsibilities of their 40s, boomers will create an adventurous life-stage called "mid-youth" that will push traditional ideas of a 'mature market' into oblivion," (American Demographics, 2001).
             Cultural Differences.
             Asian, Hispanic, and African-American ethnic groups are growing larger in proportion to the whole population, becoming more diversified. Today's women are established in the workforce and the general population is highly mobile.

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