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Russia - Best mode of entry

             Despite all the hardships and obstacles, Russia remains a very important and attractive country for business due to its large size and great demand, not only for new, qualitative equipment, but also for very simple and elementary devices.
             During the last decade the country has greatly advanced in building new civilized market relationships and certainly, the Russian market nowadays is not a "virgin land" ready to receive an immense quantity of any goods at any price. However, market demand is still very big and with methods of doing business becoming more "western-style" Russia makes more and more foreign businessmen turn their look towards expansion into their market.
             This report analyzes the pros and cons of Russia's business environment, in order to provide the information necessary to make an educated decision on whether or not to establish a manufacturing facility in this country. The topics discussed include: current events, political economy, culture, business environment, trade and a conclusion which states if, how and why we would choose to establish a facility in Russia.
             CURRENT EVENTS.
             Russia has had a few ongoing current events since July. The country has been plagued with suicide bombings by various suicide bombers, who broke away from the Republic of Chechnya. The threat of suicide bombings forced Russian security to toughen up. The recent arrest and jailing of one of Russia's wealthiest men Mikhail Khodorkovsky, head of oil giant Yukos has caused a ripple in the Russian economy, and Russia's economy is still facing the backlash of the arrest.
             A string of suicide bombers from the breakaway Republic of Chechnya in July was the reason for tougher security. A more destructive suicide bombing happened in Mozdok, which is the headquarters for Russian troops battling rebels in neighboring Chechnya. The suicide bomber drove up to the Russian military hospital in a truck filled with explosives.

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