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ordinary people

             Conrad Jarret is teenage boy and high school student who had experienced the unfortunate tragedy of witnessing his brother Buck's drowning in the ocean. This ingredient alone affected Conrad into attempting suicide by cutting his wrists. He felt guilty and expressed to his psychiatrist, Dr. Berger that he felt his only mistake he made was that he held onto the boat during the storm, instead of searching for his brother.
             2. Conrad's family, especially his mother, Beth, didn't help or ease the pain Conrad was feeling during this tragic time. Beth, who seemed to be a determined perfectionist, is constantly concerned with the way people view her and her family. She wishes for everyone to see them as "normal." At a party her and her husband attended, she got extremely upset that her husband, Calvin, mentioned to another friend that Conrad has been seeing a psychiatrist for help. She seems to have buried her love with Buck, therefore disregarding Conrad because she no longer understands how to love. She can only see things in terms of how they affect her and also feel that everyone thinks in this way, but she is more candid. This deficiency of love and favoritism towards his deceased brother, easily lead Conrad into believing it was his fault for Buck's death and he should be blamed for it leading him to end his own life. Calvin and Conrad seemed to have a very open relationship and his father wanted to help out however possible. Although Heldon does seem confused in Conrad's emotions and actions, he does get suckered into Beth's opinions. For example, when Beth wants to go to Europe, but Calvin believes it would be best for them to stay home with their son for Christmas, Beth insists that time away would be the superior choice. From what the movie portrayed Conrad and Buck were very close brothers who loved each other. When Buck died, Conrad most likely felt that a part of him had also left and that his live wouldn't improve.

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