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light in the forest

             "Light In the Forest" is a novel written by a famous author name Conrad Richter. The story is about a boy who is trapped between two families. The novel takes place in 1764 on Fort Pitt, Pennsylvania, and the fork of the Muskingum. The boy is trapped between the Paxton boys, the whites, and the Lenni Lenape, the Indians. Some characters of the novel are True Son, who is the main character, the Butler family, Half Arrow, Thitpan,and the Lenni Lenape. Racism is the most important theme in "Light In the Forest." Racism is shown throughout the story between the Indians and Whites through religion, cultural values, and family.
             There were times where religion caused problems between the Indians and the Whites. The Indians take their religion seriously. They say god always help their lives. " No, but if a fish can swim, a boat can float and the father of heaven has already provided two boats at the landing." (Conrad Richter,Pg 92) Indians think that every good thing that happens to them is because god helps them. The Indians believed in their religion. The Whites make their religion seem unimportant. They killed a group of conestogo Indians who were the same religion as the whites. Whites did not care about their religion, they would kill them because they were different. The Lenni Lenape said good things about their religion. They never said bad things or make it seem bad like the whites.
             Another thing that caused problems was their cultural values. The Indians would value the forest and everything around them. " Sometimes even the most exemplary Christians get out of hand." This shows that the whites value things, but they don't always do things right. The only thing that the whites value is their city and their own people. This differences between the whites and Indians caused tension and conflicts. .
             Families also caused struggle between the two cultures. The Indians are nice to each other and their family.

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