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article essay: Spike Lee movie, "Do The Right Thing"

             Article Essay: Spike Lee's, "Do The Right Thing".
             Article Essay: Spike Lee's, "Do The Right Thing".
             Spike Lee is one of the many directors who in my opinion always want to keep people alert. He is without a doubt an intelligent man that believes he has a responsibility to depict the world of black folks and other minorities in their most genuine form. In fact, the only thing about Spike Lee that I have a problem with is when he sits courtside at those damn New York Knicks games screaming for those bums. However, when it comes down making films, he always fulfils his responsibility to the behind the scenes black personnel who are underrepresented in an industry dominated by white folks. .
             During and after reading the article about the production of Spike Lee's movie, "Do The Right Thing", I have to admit that I was already in agreement with his stance on how he wanted to make the film. In a quote from a online source, Spike Lee says, "I've never really thought of myself as a spokesperson for 35 million African Americans. All my views have been solely my views, and I think that there are African American people who agree with me, but we also have African Americans who don't agree. It is a fallacy that all of my critics are white" (1995). With any Spike Lee film, you pretty much no what you are going to see on the screen because he puts his signature shots and skills on every film. What a lot of people never see is his commitment to the behind scenes production until they read about in a book, an article, or documentary. Spike Lee, whether you like him or hate him, he knows that he has a powerful and important avenue to use in order to get his message out to America.
             In my generation, which encompasses the period from the early seventies through today, I have seen the development and advancement in technology on television, in movies, in music, and on the Internet. My views of the reality and my behavior have been .

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