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innocence and experience

            When thinking about innocence and experience I was stopped at an enigma of what to write about. After some hard thinking I realized that the story with the two bartenders talking was totally false in its actions showing that in your youth you never think you"re going to die someday and that money is all that you need. Through my own personal experience, age has nothing to do with experience.
             I don't know how normal it is for a child at the age of five to realize that someday they are going to die and the really won't know when until death is right up behind them. At the age of five I realized that someday I was going to die, I knew it was going to happen but I didn't know when. At that age I didn't understand the dangers of a lawnmower until it was too late. Leaving my feet horribly wounded I realized that some day I wasn't going to be alive, that death comes to us all. After calming down from the accident though I realized that there is a whole life out there to live.
             Tenth grade comes by and life is just peachy. Word goes out throughout the whole school that my first friend, a friend since I had since birth, the same well known class clown of Junior High School, has switched schools to Notre Dame. Jokingly I would tell my fellow classmates that he wouldn't survive in that school; that he would want to kill himself if he stayed in that school. If only I had known he would have really committed himself to such actions I would have never said anything like that. On September 15, 1999 he took his life for reasons that are still unknown. This experience in my life shows that youth has nothing to do with experience.
             Innocence and experience isn't just for the old. I've had enough hard times in my life to realize that life isn't just fun and games. Age has nothing to do with how much experience someone has. I realize that my life clock will end sometime; the problem though, is never knowing when your life clock is up until its too late.

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