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Adolescent Emotional Developme

             Adolescence is a trying time for everyone. Despite all the comforts of modern society and technology, there is still the possibility of ups and downs. No one can tell when life will throw them a curve, and because of this, development of any kind varies for the individual. On the topic of emotional development in adolescents, there are many aspects to discuss. I choose to discuss the relationship between adolescent substance abuse, and parental influence. The first people adolescents are truly exposed to are their parents. For this reason, I feel that instead of turning the public eye onto the school grounds, or the media as potential indicators for this problem, the public should focus on parents.
             Adolescent Emotional Development: In regards to substance abuse.
             As I mentioned, there are numerous factors that effect emotional development in adolescents. Substance abuse also has several factors involved. One inducer of substance abuse that is commonly found among most adolescents is stress. Stress can be found in adolescents everyday activity. For instance say an adolescent failed a midterm at school. Then later, missed the foul shot and lost the big game. The situation worsens when some adolescents know that their parent, or parents, place heavy emphasis on their performance at school. After the game when all they want is to be left alone mom walks in and says, "You didn't take the garbage out, you"re grounded from TV for a week!" Emotionally frantic and panic stricken as well as knowing that a TV no longer awaits them, most adolescents will erupt in a rage to fight this punishment. This brings heated arguments and usually by the time the parent/parents are informed about the rest or their adolescent's day, the situation is out of hand. After going through such a day, sadly some adolescents find their relief in drugs and alcohol otherwise known as substance abuse.

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