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Jews Vs Christians

            The basic point of all mainstream religions is to achieve a "salvation" of some sort and entrance another life or life after death. Judaism and Christianity are two similar religions, Christianity finding its roots in Judaism. Both trace their founding to the same texts and share similar beliefs; however their doctrines concerning salvation are surprisingly different from one another.
             Jews see their "God" as savior, the "Supreme Being" who granted them life. It is only through obeying him and fallowing his wished that they will achieve salvation. They believe all people are born "pure" and corrupt themselves through ungodly acts. By fallowing "Gods" wishes and begging forgiveness for the times they don't, they earn their entrance into "paradise" after death.
             Christian's views differ in several important aspects. Christians are polytheists, believing in several different "Supreme Beings". They believe in the "creator" who granted them life, but they also worship a "son of the creator" or "Messiah" and it is through this "messiah" that they achieve salvation. Christians also work for their salvation by fallowing "Gods" wishes but rather than begging forgiveness of "God" himself when they fail to do so, they are forgiven by belittling themselves before their "Messiah". Christians believe everyone is born already condemned and must buy their salvation through the "Messiah" .
             The Jews believe salvation is achieved through their own efforts, while the Christians must use a go-between. Neither of these ideals would hold much weight under my eye. I personally do not believe in life after death, and that earning any type of "salvation" is nothing more than a scare tactic used to keep peple of earlier civilizations in line. In death the energy in a person will go on to other life forms (mainly plants since most Christians & Jews prefer to bury their bodies, allowing the energy to disperse into the ground) but that persons consciousness, everything they were, is gone.

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