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             Gangs are groups of people who form a special place for themselves where they can share a common culture. They claim their territory, support themselves ,create their own language "slang" and establish their own customs and set of rules and conduct ; creating in a way their own little society. In their society they organize and participate in violent , unlawful, antisocial or other criminal acts making them for the most part feared or hated. In gangs ,members are encouraged to keep up their behavior and follow the traditions of the gang no matter who has a problem with it. Gangs provide an alternative belief system and system of values in place of religion, family, school, and community. This very fact is what drives the youth of America today to join gangs, with a lack of a good system of values in those areas above many young people run to gangs as a way to make up for what they found to be lacking. In society it is important to have a name ,some sense of belonging ,joining a gang provides its members just that, no one will forget just what you are once you join. and you will always have a title to go by.
             Gangs aren't anything new. They have been around for much longer then many.
             people believe. As long ago as 1200 A.D. , in India they had a use for the word "thug" , people of the time used the word to describe a gang of criminals that roamed the country, pillaging towns and causing destruction a long their way. These Indian "thugs"even had their own special symbols, hand signs, rituals, and slang to trademark themselves. A trait which gangs through out the rest of time would carry. While a good example ,Probably an example more close to home and date would be the ones started right here in America . T he gangs started in the early days of America helped shape the gangs of today. As a child growing up you can't help but hear about stories of early gangs from the 1800's to early 1900's .

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