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Produce a critical analysis of

            Produce a critical analysis of two photographic images.
             The main thesis of this essay is to critically analyse two images from the contemporary mass media, in this case both images have been taken from broadsheet newspapers. References to certain topics will also be included, such as power, representation and ideology. Each image will be analysed in terms of the content, the qualities used, the composition and structure, the relationships between image and accompanying text as well as the relationship between image and current, recent and historical events. A single image can serve a multitude of purposes, appear in a range of settings and mean different things to different people. The role of society connected with mass media will also be considered. Through looking we negotiate social relationships and meanings.
             Image one is a black and white photograph that has a clear focused foreground and blurred background, (see appendix 1). The photograph was taken on the first of November 2003. The content of this photograph includes a coffin being carried down the street passing an example of graffiti with the letters IRA'. It has an emotive and subjective moral high ground. The hand on shoulder representing family support (the DAD ring dennotates family), the coffin is orderly and established and represents Catholisism (note the small crucifix at the front of the coffin) in contrast with the IRA' in the background, the ever-present and unofficial vandalism is intimidating even in just a photographic image. The composition and structure of the image is the coffin and coffin bearers in the foreground with the IRA graffiti in the background. The photographer was beside the funeral procession facing the vandalised wall; they would have deliberately picked this angle to add an ironic edge to the image due to the fact that the victim in the coffin was killed by the IRA thirty-one years previously.

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