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shatterproof heart

             Theo's mother comes across as a very sweet caring person who would do anything for her son. Since Theo was stricken with the AIDS disease that took away his sight and deprived him the privilege of living a long healthy life, Theo's mom tries to make the remainder of his life a good one. When Theo was 12 years old they went into the New York City to see a play. Theo didn't want to admit he needed glasses so his mother gave him her glasses so he could enjoy "Fiddler on the Roof". During the entire show she had to squint to see the stage. This shows that she is a caring person and that she would sacrifice for her sons well being. Another part of the story that shows that Sylvia is in fact a caring person is when they are out in public. When she took him out she would try to shield him from the public eye because she feared that he would be ridiculed and that would be too much for her to bear. .
             Sylvia can also be described as an emotionally strong person. She hides back her feelings about her son's illness and doesn't show weakness around him or anyone else. All that she wants is Theo to get the most out of the rest of his life. She constantly urges him to go out and do stuff and encourages him to be active. When Sylvia is talking with Theo about the gift she explains to him that the reason she is buying such an expensive gift is to get back at Bibi. This suggests that she is a person who likes to have the upper hand. She is only giving the gift to prove a point to Bibi and so that Howard could have a nice gift. She doesn't worry about the money; all she cares about is Howard having a nice gift he deserves and Bibi being put in her place.
             Theo comes across as a very independent person. When he is getting out of the car to go into the store Sylvia goes to help him but he was already half out the door. He told her that he could do it himself which suggests that he is embarrassed by his condition.

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