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Young Goodman Brown

            In "Young Goodman Brown" by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Young Goodman Brown breaks apart after he realizes that not everything is perfect and neither is he, after he takes a journey and meets the devil.
             I This story uses allegory by the names Faith and Young Goodman Brown.
             1. Pink.
             2. Young Goodman Brown.
             3. Faith.
             II This story uses imagery of witchcraft, devil.
             1. Witchcraft.
             2. Devil.
             III This story uses irony by faith and witchcraft, Young Goodman Brown and Devil.
             1. Faith and witchcraft.
             2. Young Goodman Brown and Devil.
             Hawthorne uses the name "Young Goodman Brown" as a symbol in the story. "Young" infers the title character is naive and new at life. Moreover, "Goodman" suggests his self-righteousness thinking he is a good man. Furthermore, "Brown" indicates he is a commoner. Thus, the full name implies he is the average naive and self-righteous Puritan. .
             In addition to the title character's name being a symbol, his wife's name is a symbol. At the beginning of the story, Goodman Brown leaves on a journey without Faith, his new wife. Goodman Brown's desire to journey without Faith leads to her sacrifice. For example, Goodman complains to the devil saying, "Faith kept me back awhile".
             In addition, Hawthorne incorporates "pink" as a symbol in the story. Hawthorne uses pink as a symbol four times in the story. In addition, Hawthorne mentions "Faith, with pink ribbons" inferring his faith takes on this blend of purity and sin. Finally, Goodman Brown exclaims to Faith, "Look up to Heaven, and resist the Wicked One!" Thus, he shows he never completely lost his faith.
             In conclusion, Hawthorne uses Young Goodman Brown, Faith, and pink to enhance the story. For example, the names Faith and Young Goodman Brown symbolize more than a name. The name Young Goodman Brown symbolizes the average untainted man. In addition, Faith represents religious faith. In addition, pink connotes the blend of sin and purity in Goodman's faith as he takes the Journey.

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