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            Rich Julius once said " An idiot with a computer is a faster, better idiot" Good morning teachers and my dear friends. I am here to talk to you about some of the advantages of that holy machine adorning your room. The computer.
             5000 years ago, the first computer the abacus was made. This device allowed users to make computations using a system of sliding beads arranged on a rack. Early merchants used the abacus to keep trading transactions. Then came Blaise Pascal with the Pascaline, a machine that could computer fast, but only add. Following him was Colmar with his calculator and ultimately, the first version of the modern computer as we know it today by Charles Babbage. .
             From then began a race . A race for technology, a race that would give rise to the age of "InfoTech" or Information Technology as we would call it. .
             So what are the advantages of computers? Where are computers used? What part of our lives do they affect? Hehe a better question would be "is there one part of our life that they do not affect?".
             You talk to your friend on the telephone. Have you ever watched one those old movies where the hero would walk to the telephone in all his dignity, pick up his phone and scream "HELLO!!!" Compare him to Don Pedro or Tom Cruise who would walk up to the telephone and say in the deepest quietest way, "Hello?". Quite a difference wouldn't you say? Hehe. Guess who just made that possible: the advent of computer technology that effectively translates analog waves into digital and back.
             Another example. School. Can you even think of going up to the tuition fee center and having to wait while someone tried to locate your file from amongst thousands of other files, no matter how organized? I would personally run. Who do you think helps us pull up all those organized databases with its networking capabitilites? Our good friend computer comes to the rescue again. .
             Besides, the advent of computers has had a tremendous effect on the television and the video industry.

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