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sunni triangle

            My article is on the institution of government. It talks about American troops getting more aggressive in patrolling certain areas of Iraq, such as the Sunni Triangle. In response, the rebels are increasing the number of attacks on U.S. forces. The rebels used to attack 20 times a day before the American troops got more aggressive. Now it is at 25 to 35 attacks per day. The rebels are getting more sophisticated in their attacks. They are using remote-controlled explosives then shooting at U.S. forces with rifles and rockets then escaping. One important development is that the attackers are not just Iraqis but people from outside Iraq who are Al Qaeda, supporters of Osama bin Laden. .
             Because the article is about war and opposing forces it is going to be win-lose. But if you look at the overall picture if America wins it will be better for the people of U.S. and Iraq. .
             Do you like to be disrespected? I know I don't, and I don't think you do either. Being disrespected isn't fun at all. .
             I like to be and respectful. When your respectful to others they are respectful to you, too. That is why I try to be respectful. .
             I like to be respected by being treaded nice, not being made fun of, or being offended by bad language. I hate being treated like I"m stupid. I like it when people are accepting of peoples differences. .
             I know it isn't always easy to be respectful. It is really hard for me to be respectful to my mom or others when I"m made and tired. .
             My family is very respectful when we go out. We use table manners when we go out to eat. We say thank you and hold doors for other people. I know that isn't hard but it's nice when people are nice to you. .
             Remember respect others as you would want to be respected. It will help you to remember to be respectful. .

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