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Importance of Marketing

             In an interview the Marketing Director of the "Customer of the Future" program at the Boeing Company talks about goals of Boeing marketing department and what should be done to achieve these goals. Describes the Boeing Company specifics based on such unique and complicated product as airplanes. Points out the significant role of globalization for future business' success. Reveals complications of today's competitive market. Explains actions to be taken by Boeing to get back on track. Specifies top challenges faced by the marketing department and the whole company. .
             The basic goal of every business is to attract customers continuously. It takes more than a good product or service, it takes serious planning and committed people working the plan.
             During my interview with the Marketing Director of the "Customer of the Future" program at the Boeing Company he emphasized the importance of marketing for the future of the company. He identified the marketing and business strategy as following:.
             "With a focus on profitable growth, collaboratively and strategically conceive and .
             then promote revolutionary product, service and business solutions that catapult Boeing into an unshakeable leadership position in a revitalized industry.".
             The major goals of marketing department are to acquire, retain, and develop the most valuable customers, develop a customer value growth strategy, and manage it dynamically over the customer life cycle. To achieve these goals the marketing department:.
             - Determines the value of Boeing and competitor products.
             - Develops marketing strategy and demonstrates product fit to customer.
             - Makes the financial case for Boeing products to the customer.
             - Conditions the market for Boeing products and services.
             - Forecasts demand for Boeing products.
             Various airlines are the customers of commercial airplane division of the Boeing Company. Out of 938 airlines available in the world today, 50 major airlines provide 50% of sales.

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