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Critique of My Oedipus Complex

             The short story of Frank O'Connor My Oedipus Complex- is altogether hilarious. Nave and childish narrative of the protagonist, five year old Larry, is the base on which all the ludicrous situations dwell. Larry's affectionate, almost selfish love for his mother is another key factor to the light humor of "My Oedipus Complex-.
             When father spent most of the time in the army, Larry did not have a lot to worry about. That is Daddy was a pleasant addition to the family and not otherwise. Daddy left behind a lot of souvenirs, he shaved in a very peculiar way, and he did not posses Mummy. Larry explained in his innocent manner, "The war was the most peaceful time of my life- implying the upside of having Daddy fight in a First World War. Through his innocence and immaturity Larry cannot yet understand the magnitude of his written thoughts - that is why the remarks are taken as rather silly and amusing.
             After the War was over, it had just begun for Larry because Daddy had all the privileges of Mummy. Daddy slept with Mummy in one bed. Daddy received the appraisals from Mummy for his hard work while Larry had very little or none of Mummy's attention. At one point Larry even suggests throwing Daddy out and having Mummy all for himself. Larry even feels betrayed in some way by his Mummy and that amplified by Larry's anti-Daddy question, "But, Mummy, couldn't God make another war, if He liked?" is extremely funny and ironic because only a child was enough to mouth this absurd suggestion.
             In a little while the second child is born and Daddy becomes "betrayed- by the Mother too. Larry even feels sorry for his Father because with Sonny occupying Mother, Daddy understood what it was like to be left out. It was Larry's magnanimous patting of his father that produced the last goodhearted laugh.
             "My Oedipus Complex- is based on the flamboyancy of a five year old Larry, and is made funny through simple yet intuitive thoughts of the protagonist.

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