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narrative health care

            Should economics be considered in assisted suicide? Neil L.
             To live or not to live? That is not a simple question. With so many special cases, is it possible to make a general law? Health care in Canada is on a road to disaster, as it is simply not financially possible for the public to fund. Eventually the only fair way to settle the health care issue, is by privatizing with exceptions to the most sever cases. Assisted suicide is more humane than leaving someone on their death bed in pain and anguish.
             Shall assisted suicide be outlawed; it only creates wasted money which could have gone towards some one waiting for a lifesaving surgery, medication or testing. One solution could be that someone that wanted to die could donate their body and blood to save another life, this way it creates a cycle to provide more lives saved. It is stupidly nave to think money should be spent on a living dead man. By all means these opinions and solutions are subject to minor changes to fit reality. Most controversy over health care is about how fair it is, but if health care is privatized then you pay for what you get, like in the real world. It is harsh but suppose a wealthy person and bum need heart surgery, is it fair the bum gets in first in any scenario. .
             The main reason economics should be considered in assisted suicide is simply, we CAN NOT AFFORD IT. People might say how can a human life be measured in money, which carries water, but the money we have absolutely must be spend on severe cases which posses people who can go on to life the rest of their lives. Ultimately, you can only get out of the government what you put in so, it is sad but a fact of life, is that there is death. .
             The only way to rationalize assisted suicide is to pay for it yourself. Is it not fair for everyone pays for themselves? That's the way it has to work out, we can't just keep going into debt. People may live, people may die, but there is nothing sadder than a life that could have been saved, if not for money to be spent to keep someone living with death as an obvious out come very soon.

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