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Hit Me Baby One More Time

            It has been the assertion of many politicians, writers, activists, etc. that to globalize the world is to spell out doom for diversity. Many an essay subject has revolved around the idea that uniting the world through trade in the capitalist fashion will lead to the homogenization of distinct cultures into one massive Western-like one. Other cultures will have to adopt Western values in order to keep up with economic and technological progress. It cannot be denied that a certain Westernization or Americanization of the world certainly exists. Japan's highly technological, highly prosperous, and distinct, "J-Pop" culture is a prime example of this. It was the first culture to industrialize in a similar yet earlier and much more rapid version of globalization, and it is one of the leading Asian and world nations economically and socially (McGray, 2002, p.3). However, in many or arguably all cultures there exists a certain desire to assimilate. In what ways does this globalization of culture occur? What are the various motivations for this desire to adopt and incorporate these capitalist corporate views? And finally, to what extent will this flat McWorld be realized? An analysis of global culture with regard to technology and economy shows that there exists a delicate balance between the general desire for other cultures to globalize and allegedly lose a piece of themselves and intervention of the Western corporate world.
             One cannot deny that there is much to be gained from globalization even if one claims that it will lead to culture clones. A greater economy, one of the primary purposes of globalization, over time makes life easier for one and all (Golding and Murdock, 1996, p.16). Along with a greater economy come the wonders of technological advancement that makes life faster, more convenient, and also easier. Through those two, economy and technology, the human condition is allegedly improved, though so far, not enough time has passed to really show this.

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