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             Conflict is a good thing? Usually not, but light can be made from such an occurrence. Conflict can trigger the expansion of a solution to cover new problems and changes. It can bring about new ideas that may not have been apparent before a conflict even comes about. With these advantages in mind, I will address conflict management approaches that are implemented at the company that I work at, as well as my personal views regarding the issue.
             At any point that a conflict occurs at the Allstate Insurance Company, a variety of actions can be executed. Depending on the severity of the issue, the outcome can differ drastically. For instance, if there were a disagreement about a work-related issue pertaining to paperwork or a claim status, this would be immediately handled by the head manager without a problem. If the issue pertains to any type of harassment such as a sexual remark or gesture, inappropriate or offensive commentary, etc., stronger justification will be set in place to resolve the matter.
             If word gets back to Allstate regarding an issue that may have taken place outside of the workplace, suitable action can still be enforced. For example, if an employee of Allstate was seen or convicted of a crime away from work, he or she could potentially be fired for this. I have personally witnessed an employee be "let go" because of an outside occurrence that the company did not view as an appropriate action for one of their employees.
             Based on my own conflict management style, I feel that the Allstate Insurance Company is pretty even in terms of our preferences. The company has reasonable boundaries set in place and when they are crossed, rational consequences may very well be the outcome. I believe that our conflict management styles are similar and compliment each other very well. That is one of the many reason that I am proud to work for the Allstate Insurance Company.
             In respect to my results from Assessment 20, "Conflict Management Styles," I have found that my views are strong based on how I would respond to different conflict situations.

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