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            During a Greek myth, a character has one flaw that ends up teaching them a moral whether the character likes learns the easy way or with a more difficult lesson. One principle in many Greek myths is "knowing thyself." This means that one should now what they can and cannot do. Sometimes characters think that their boundaries are a different then they actually are, giving them an advantage to do things that they really shouldn't. That is called a character's hubris. This might make those characters believe they have the same rights as gods so they can do whatever the Gods do or even break their rules. When Greek mythological characters do this, they are then punished by the gods. .
             One myth where a mortal is punished for having hubris is the myth of Arachne. She was known as the most skilled weaver in the world. People from all over came to see her expertise. Some people said that Arachne's gift must have been given to her straight from Athena, who was a very talented spinner and weaver herself. Arachne was greatly offended by the things people said about her. She believed that she got her skill all by herself, and she told the people that she could probably outdo Athena's skill. When Athena heard about Arachne's confidence she was disgusted, so she went down to Arachne herself and told her to know where she should stand. But Arachne held strong and still told Athena that her skill was greater than the god's. So Athena and Arachne competed to see who really had more skill. Both webs were completely different, Athena's showed the wonders of the Gods, and Arachne's web showed the mistakes of the Gods. Athena was outraged by Arachne's web so she punished her by turning her into a spider, so she could still weave but not have the same rights as a human, and especially not a God.
             Another myth where a Greek human thought that he had the same privileges as a God was the story of Icarus and his father.

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