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Resemblance Between Gulf of To

            Resemblance Between Gulf of Tonkin and the War in Iraq.
             From the dry mountains to the soaking forest, the War in Iraq and the Vietnam War have been wars of protest and anger. As the death totals continue to spike in Iraq, up to 301 , the more comparisons are being drawn between the two. If the war on terror continues to develop like the war on communism our great nation could be facing some very trying and troubling times. "The open-ended Gulf of Tonkin resolution - which is very similar to the President's newly proposed Iraq resolution -- allowed the 'Commander-in-Chief' to expand a small, regionalized police action in South Asia into the Vietnam War, an engagement that cost more than 50,000 American lives," said Timothy Edgar, an ACLU Legislative Counsel . The War in Iraq strongly resembles the Gulf of Tonkin through the governmental approach. The War in Iraq abdicates war-making power to the President, does not spell out clear military objectives, and it does not specify who the U.S. is fighting, which all bear similarities to the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.
             To begin the War in Iraq President Bush merely sent congress a proposition for war, and within days the war began just as President Johnson had done before. Beginning with The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution the president has gained more power then the United States Congress when it comes to dealing with war and wartime decisions. "Congress needs to claim its leadership role in American war-making to prevent such a tragedy from ever occurring again," Timothy Edgar also stated2. According to the 1970 War Powers Act , Congress has power during any military engagement. The President only has sole authority during a sudden attack on U.S. soil. As the Gulf of Tonkin resolution did, the current resolution effectively cuts Congress out of decisions about the use of military force. .
             The most important faction during wartime is the military, and along with this goes military strategy.

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