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            ~To celebrate Lisa's 9th birthday, her parents took her to a restaurant. She had been so distracted by the waitress" bright red hair that her father called her name three times before she remembered to order. Then before she could stop herself, she blurted "Your hair looks awful" to the waitress. She couldn't help but say what she was thinking in her mind. Lisa has always had a problem with her impulsiveness and not thinking things through before she acted. Its not that she just didn't care about what's right and what wrong, she couldn't help but act out or say whatever it was going on in her head. Her parents wondered why her grades were not good, and why she always got in trouble in school. They just though she was a bad girl and didn't care about anything. Eventually, her parents took her to see a psychiatrist. Lisa talked with the doctor alone and told him everything that's going on in her life. The doctor then talked with Lisa's parents and they told him about all of Lisa's problems in school and at home. The doctor reached a conclusion on what was wrong with Lisa. It wasn't a case of her just being bad and impulsive. The doctor told Lisa and her parents that she had Attention Deficit Disorder. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a growing problem in U.S.
             One of the first questions parents ask when they find out their child has ADD is "why, what went wrong?" The fact is children with ADD cant help the fact they have it. ADD is a chemical imbalance in the brain. It is caused by a lack of seretonin in the brain. Seretonin is the "happy" chemical in the brain, which controls negative impulses, and positive desires. When there is a lack of seretonin, the person can't concentrate or control their actions. .
             ADD can be detected in children easily. Children with ADD usually have problems in school. Not only academic problems, but behavior problems too. Children with ADD don't learn easily. They are easily distracted by other children, or other things going on around them.

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