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John Keats

            As romantic poets wrote in much of the same time period, their writing was similarly influenced. Due to this, many of their writings were thematically connected, all containing heart-filled emotion. John Keats's letter to Fanny Brawne is one that was dominated by passion-fueled emotion. This same theme can be identified in poems such as, "The Indian Serenade" by Percy Bysshe Shelley, "When We Two Parted" by Lord Byron, and "Ode to a Nightingale" also by John Keats. .
             The letter by Keats to Fanny Brawne is one in which he expresses his adoring emotions that he feels for her. He says such things, as "you cannot conceive how I ache to be with you" and how he is in "deep love" with her. Keats tells Fanny that if she ever feels for a man the way he feels for her, "I should not quarrel with you, but hate myself if such a thing were to happen". He expresses emotions of love so strong, that he would actually hate himself if something were to disrupt his love for her. .
             Percy Bysshe Shelley's poem, "The Indian Serenade", conveys very strong emotional feelings, much like the ones Keats expressed. His dreams of a loved one render strong feelings of love and happiness. Shelley says, when "I arise from dreams of thee in the first sweet sleep of night". He also expresses his love by describing how his heart beats: "loud and fast". Through Shelley's illustrations of his true feelings and emotions, one is able to gather the ways in which he loves. .
             Strong emotions are also very evident in the poem "When we two parted", by Lord Byron. He writes of a time when him and a love one parted saying, "when we two parted in silence and tears, half broken-hearted to sever for years". The reason why these two heats have parted was due to the fact that "thy vows are all broken", which c aused influence him to "grieve" in silence. The loss of love has caused Byron to feel disheartened and depressed, and he clearly reveals these feelings to the reader.

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