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Hollywood's affect on marriage

            Hollywood films forty years ago projected marriage as a sacred unity between two persons, that mandates honesty, communication, and fidelity. Fidelity, being the topic of this essay, is a word that should be used very carefully. What is fidelity? Fidelity is to have devotion to your spouse. It is to be truthful, loyal, and most of all, faithful to your spouse, "the strict observance of promises and duties" (Encyclopedia, p. 714). Fidelity can be applied in many different terms and situations. In George Cukor's, Adam's Rib, fidelity relates to both of the relationships between the Bonners and the Attingers. The sexual aspect of fidelity is applicable to the Attingers, and then the psychological and emotional aspect of fidelity pertains to the Bonners. .
             On the subject of Christianity, and how Christian marriages should come about, Adam's Rib references absolutely nothing about how a Christian marriage should be ordained. In general, Hollywood films forty years ago or even today, do not even consider the Christian morals on marriage. They have destroyed the reality and true meaning of marriage. Marriage forty, fifty years ago was a strong bond between a man and a wife. It seems now that marriage is shattered when a small fight breaks out between the spouses. .
             Referencing Adam's Rib specifically, the film includes no Christian morals or Christian values. Marriage is a mockery and I think that is the whole underlying meaning that George Cukor created. Adam Bonner is an attorney that works for the state, while Amanda Bonner is a lawyer. Both of them go through their ups and downs, but what is different in this marriage is that there is no clear head of the house. In the Bible, it specifically states that the head of the family is to be the husband. In the Attinger family, Doris is submissive to her husband, Warren. Amanda Bonner likes to speak her mind, and is not afraid of Adam. .
             Both of these relationships have their reasons when it comes to differences and dilemmas that affect their relationships.

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